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Kyle A. Vierck


May 11, 2023

One Small Step-Getting Started

Spring time...yes!  Except, maybe, you sat around all winter long, spent many nights enjoying the company of good friends and took in your share of comfort food and drinks, all while lamenting the choices you were making as you watched the snow fall.  Now as spring emerges and the buds blossom all around you, activity is calling your name; but wait, all your fitness is gone! I have some great news for you! Getting back to your fitness and the thriving state that we all love to be in, especially as the sun begins to kiss your skin again, doesn't have to daunting.  It starts with ONE SMALL STEP.  

Every member of our gym began with their first step across the threshold. The first one can be tough.  And with it, yes that ONE SMALL STEP, you joined the upper echelon of the human population, because in truth, the percentage of people exercising regularly is shockingly low.  So, here are my top 3 tips for getting started on the journey to thriving in your life with exercise and excellent health:

1) Set an appointment- You are a strong person with exceptional power, especially when you set your mind to do something.  There is no doubt about this.  However, things not scheduled simply don't get done.  Plain and simple.  Life will always happen.  You'll have to set the time aside specifically and lock it down.  If a gym is where you you want to work out because you need guidance and community, then set up an intro appointment and SHOW UP! If you just want to get started walking, running, etc., put it on your calendar and DISALLOW anything to push that appointment.  

2) Make it EASY on yourself- Doing hard things builds remarkable character and has so many tremendous benefits outside of the obvious.  However, the easier you can make it, the more likely you'll follow through.  This is best referred to as the 20 second rule.  Make sure you can attain all you'll need to succeed on your new habit inside 20 seconds.  Any more than that, and the likelihood of alternate options leaking in. Set out your entire outfit, Socks & Shoes included, right near where you'll be just ahead of your set appointment. If that is early morning, you can even set them neatly right where you will roll your feet from the bed.  Heck, I have even known people to sleep in their workout shoes at the onset.  Whatever it takes, make it EASIER until you have a solid habit built.

3) Find another human- The importance of a supportive coach, friend, guide, etc. cannot be overstated.  The very best in every field in the world rely on coaches, teams, and other humans to bring out their best.  Coaches know this well, they know they need coaches!  To give yourself the best chance to succeed, find others to come on the journey with you.  I have coaches and confidants in many of the aspects of my life and I can only assure you they make all the difference.  Our gym is a supportive community of staff and members who want so much for one another, it really is a gift to be known and encouraged by others.  

If you are looking for a place to get started, a community to be present with you and a partner to you as you regain your best, we would love to welcome you!  Take that ONE SMALL STEP, Book a No Sweat Introduction appointment today. And if not here, no sweat.  Just take it somewhere, today, for you, your family, your community. ONE. SMALL. STEP.

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